Our Local Partners

Red Oak Manor & The Acorn Restaurant

Are you looking for a place to hold an event?

The Red Oak Bed & Breakfast is a perfect place to hold an event, get away for the weekend or even just go eat at the bed & breakfast's very own restaurant The Acorn. While you are there you can enjoy some of the T & L Farms fresh pasture raised eggs and buy some of our lovely handmade soap.

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Martina's Flowers & Gifts

Are you looking for a place to get your special someone flowers and a gift?

Martina's Flowers & Gifts is a wonderful place to go, they have gorgeous flowers! Vistit them today to order a beautful arrangement and don't forget to have them throw in a handmade T & L Farms soap bar.

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Keysville Community Store

Welcome to Keysville, GA! The old post office is now a community store serving the needs of our small community. You can find our eggs and soaps here.

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